Pamela Ramsey

Pamela Ramsey is PSW’s Senior Paralegal and one of the most accomplished paralegals in Arizona. Before joining PSWM, she spent decades as a litigation paralegal at a top-tier AmLaw 200 law firm, where she was the lead paralegal on many of the largest and most impactful civil litigation cases in the State. She is particularly skilled at handling large, complex and document intensive cases, including cases involving sizeable amounts of electronically stored information. Her expertise includes all aspects of discovery, factual research and investigation, preparation of pleadings, discovery requests and responses, disclosure statements and exhibits, document control, witness interviews, witness preparation for deposition and trial testimony, and preparation for and participation in trials. Pamela is the proud Cat Mom of Tucker and Taylor and two neighbor cats who come for breakfast every morning, and future strays who inevitably will be seeking her out for adoption.