Papetti Samuels Weiss “Highly Recommended” by Benchmark Litigation

Papetti Samuels Weiss is pleased to announce Benchmark Litigation recognized the newly-established Scottsdale law firm as one of the top litigation firms in Arizona.

As a high-stakes business litigation firm, Papetti Samuels Weiss was established in May 2021 at the Scottsdale Quarter.  After only a few months in business, Benchmark Litigation rated the firm “highly recommended,” which is Benchmark’s highest ranking.  Only nine firms in Arizona received this rating; the other eight firms are among the most well-known and long-established law firms.

According to Benchmark Litigation, its rankings are based on extensive interviews with litigators, and clients, as well as analysis of the market’s most important cases and firm developments.


Read the rest of the Press Release at this link.


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