Heather A. Robles

Heather Robles brings a diverse and rich background to the practice of law, rooted in her early experiences in higher education and academic research. This foundation uniquely positions her to advise and advocate for educational institutions, a role she embraces with passion. She also provides representation in business, employment, administrative, and appellate matters to a wide range of clients. Heather is known for her unwavering dedication to pro bono work. Notably, she recently negotiated a settlement between an incarcerated client and the Arizona Department of Corrections that included enhanced protections the works of minority religions in the publications policy enforced at all state prisons. She frequently collaborates with the Florence Project in both public advocacy and client representation, underscoring her deep-rooted belief in justice and equity. In matters both large and small, Heather’s dedication to her clients is unmatched; she invests time to understand their goals and concerns, ensuring that she delivers excellent representation.

Heather graduated magna cum laude from the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University. Her law school accolades include the prestigious Dean’s Award for Outstanding Graduate and the Justice Sandra Day O’Connor Award for Excellence in Constitutional Law Studies. She coupled her academic achievements with practical engagements, providing pro bono services to marginalized communities, especially those with challenging immigration concerns. Fluent in Spanish, Heather continues to use her language skills to ensure her legal expertise is accessible to a broader clientele.

Heather and her husband Paul are the parents of six children and two dogs. When not attending their kids’ jazz piano concerts, soccer games, or off-off-Broadway shows, Heather and Paul spend their time watching Star Trek and planning their next scuba diving adventure.

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